Demilec USA is committed to improving the energy efficiency of structures and homes.  We manufacture and test our spray foam insulation products to meet and/or exceed industry standards as verified by independent third party product evaluations such as ICC-ES, Warnock Hersey, Greenguard, and the NAHB National Green Building Standard.

The ability to effectively air seal a structure and the high R-values of Demilec USA’s spray foam insulation positively impacts the energy efficiency of buildings of all types. Some of these products, such as our medium density, HEATLOK SOY® 200 PLUS closed cell spray foam insulation contribute to the structural integrity of walls. On the other hand, our low density SEALECTION line of open cell spray foam products beneficially influences the STC ratings of airborne sound transmission. Beyond our products structural or sound capabilities, they also significantly increase the Wall Energy Rating (WER) of different assemblies. Designing with Demilec USA’s spray foam can give you unique characteristics by providing moisture management, monolithic barriers, drain planes, and other functionalities in the construction of sustainable buildings.

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