DEMILEC (USA) LLC®’s SEALECTION® 500 Passes Fire Testing Using No-Burn® Plus XD as an Ignition Barrier

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Arlington, Texas – November 22, 2011 - DEMILEC (USA) LLC announced today that its spray foam insulation, SEALECTION® 500 passed when covered with No-Burn® Plus XD. The test was performed in accordance with AC 377 appendix X standards. No-Burn Plus...

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Houses That Really Perform


Everyone has heard a story that sounded too good to be true.  When I first heard about Best Homes from one of our customers in Texas, I had to check it out for myself.   Here’s what caught my attention:  I...

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Safety Tip – Respirator Maintenance

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Keeping up with respirator maintenance is not only highly recommended by Demilec USA, but it is also an OSHA requirement. The safety of your helpers is just as important as your sprayer wearing a fresh air apparatus. All helpers that...

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December Parts Special – Allegro Blower Systems

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Part Number: AL-9535-08 Part Name: Air Bag 8″ Blower System List Price: $500/Ea. Sale Price: $250/Ea. Part Number: AL-9535-12 Part Name: Air Bag 12″ Blower System List Price: $650/Ea. Sale Price: $300/Ea. Description: 8″ or 12″ blower system with 15′...

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Tech Tip – Spraying Foam in Cold Weather

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COLD WEATHER TECH TIPS With the cold weather upon us, I feel the need to remind everyone about some of the following things that will help insure good foam is being applied and equipment problems are minimized. STORAGE Try to...

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The Importance of Fire Safety

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Fire is a serious concern during construction, repair and retrofit projects because materials can be exposed to ignition sources. For example, there may be a potential for polyurethane foam to be exposed to open flame from welding, cutting torches, and...

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