Safety Tip – PPE for Working in the Rig and Cleaning Guns

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Safety Group compressed

Many spray foam applicators tend to think using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is only required when spraying or working around the sprayer.  This is not the case.  We need to protect our workers from hazard any time they are...

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Tech Tip – Iso Removal from Pumps & Equipment

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Isocyanate reacts with moisture creating hard crystals or scale which in some case may damage or ruin equipment. Removing this dried iso from spray foam equipment is necessary to prevent internal damage or contamination. The removal process can be difficult...

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June Parts Special – Allegro Blower/Ventilation Fans

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12″ Model PN: AL-9535-12 List Price: $465.00 Sale Price: $325.00 8″ Model PN: AL 95-35-08 List Price: $335 Sale Price: $250.00 Pricing good for the month of June 2012 only. Contact the Demilec USA Parts and Equipment Division at (877) 336-4532...

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