Safety Tip – Wheel Blocks

Category: Safety, Spray Foam Contractors   Posted by: demilec

Now that we are getting into the snow and ice season it is very important that we take the time to insure that our trucks and trailers are blocked up when parked and that they are on a flat surface so that they...

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Technical Tip – Spray Gun Cleanliness

Category: Spray Foam Contractors, Tech Tips   Posted by: demilec

One thing that often times is not considered when preparing to start applying foam is keeping the spray gun clean. That is until there’s a problem mid-day and the gun needs to come apart  for maintenance. When the time comes...

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December Parts Special – Pura Insulation Release

Category: Special Offers, Spray Foam Contractors   Posted by: demilec

Pura® Insulation Release Formulated to prevent insulation foam from adhering to most surfaces where the product is applied. Part Number: Pura List Price: $15.50 Sale: $14.75 Sale Case quantity: $174.00   *Pricing good for the month of December 2013 only. Contact the Demilec...

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