The First Alternative in Alternative Energy, is Simply Using Less.

Demilec has been a pioneer of the spray foam industry for over a quarter of a century. Year after year, we have consistently developed spray foam insulation products to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency. Demilec’s SEALECTION® 500, SEALECTION Agribalance®, HEATLOK SOY® 200 PLUS, and our new DEMILEC APX™ are all manufactured in the United States. Our manufacturing facilities in Arlington, Texas have been growing and providing jobs for the economy as we continue to develop products that decrease the demand for fossil fuels worldwide.

Demilec’s spray foam insulation products can make homes and buildings more energy efficient by providing high R-values, creating an air barrier and utilizing some of the highest recycled and renewable contents commercially available. For example, HEATLOK SOY 200 PLUS closed cell insulation kept over 12 million plastic bottles from going into our landfills last year and turned the recycled content from those bottles into energy saving spray foam insulation. Our SEALECTION line of open cell spray foam insulation products uses water as the sole blowing agent. SEALECTION Agribalance and HEATLOK SOY 200 PLUS products have some of the highest renewable contents in use today.

While creating the best spray foam insulation available is our main focus, our Specialty Products division has been making over 200 different polyurethane products for industries, OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and other manufacturers.

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