What to Look for in a Spray Foam Retrofit Installer

When retrofitting your home with spray foam, finding the right contractor is a major consideration.  Spray foam rigs are mobile factories where the foam is manufactured on site.  This process requires proper job site prep to protect your home, as well as vacating your home during and after the spraying process.  Knowing that your applicator has the right training, insurance, ethics and that they are trustworthy is of vital importance.

The first thing to look for in any installer is that they are Demilec Authorized Contractors.  Demilec requires that all contractors installing our product become Demilec Authorized Contractors.

In addition, Demilec has a team of Technical Service Representatives that visit our contractors on a regular basis to provide them with additional and ongoing training.  During these visits, the technical representative will verify that the foam is being installed correctly and that proper PPE (personal protective equipment ) is being used by the applicators.

Doing the Job Right Means Having the Right Tools

Installing spray foam into an existing home is not the same process as with new construction.  A contractor who specializes in retrofit applications should have a blower door to test the air leakage of a home before and after the application.  They should also have an infrared camera to view where losses are occurring in walls or other areas.  The infrared camera also helps the applicator see the foam when it is being injected into a wall or cavity, to ensure the entire cavity is filled.

From protecting your floors and home from damage, to ventilating the home during and after the application, doing the job right means having the right tools.

Understanding the Liabilities

Your home is precious. One of the biggest things you need to be sure of is that your contractor understands the liabilities and challenges involved with your project.

Every home is different. A good retrofit contractor knows they need to completely understand the project before they prepare a bid. Whether or not the structure has ever had a fire, mold, or rodents, along with many other factors, can change the dynamics of the project. Questions regarding parking, time before re-occupancy, ventilation, protecting the property, pets, inspections, mechanical systems, access to the attic, drilling holes and possible repairs need to be addressed before the start of your project.

When choosing your contractor, remember that not every spray foam contractor is qualified or right for the job. The knowledge, application and tools needed to properly install spray foam into an existing home requires someone who specializes in retrofit applications.