Demilec USA Authorized Contractors

Demilec USA is committed to developing a team of successful Authorized Contractors by combining extensive training with the latest technology in the polyurethane industry. Our goal is to provide our Authorized Contractors with the tools to develop a profitable business by constructing healthy, energy efficient buildings.

With the cost of energy on the rise, building professionals and homeowners are looking for products to construct energy efficient homes and buildings. Demilec USA’s spray foam insulation products provide energy efficiency through low air leakage properties and high R-values. Spray foam insulation is in the process of replacing fiberglass in the construction industry. This industry trend allows Authorized Contractors to conduct a business with high sales margins and great return on investment while making a positive impact on the environment.

Training Course – SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminar

Demilec USA is now offering a preparatory seminar to assist contractors and installers to certify under the SPFA Professional Certification Program. Our goal is to prepare the attendees to take the SPFA examinations for the various levels of installer (applicator) certification, plus we offer a day of business training and a full day of hands-on training including spray technique, troubleshooting and equipment maintenance. On the final day of our training, we’ll provide all students the opportunity to take the tests for any of the SPFA certifications.

Training Information

Spray Rigs and Equipment

Demilec USA sells truck and trailer packages, equipment packages and spare parts to get Authorized Contractors started in the spray foam insulation industry. We build these rigs to maximize production and improve the bottom line. Authorized Contractors can also build a spray rig on their own truck or trailer, which may be less expensive, but can result in headaches if not built properly. Regardless of whether a tag along trailer, goose neck trailer or box truck is chosen, our spray foam rig packages contain the equipment necessary to become a successful Authorized Contractor.

On-Site Training

Demilec USA built rigs and equipment packages include two days of on-site training. This training is intended to familiarize new Authorized Contractors with the start up and shut down procedures, maintenance of the equipment, how to reach optimal material processing and spray techniques to optimize production.