B3M Series Spray Foam Rigs

Demilec USA has been building spray foam rigs of the highest quality for over a decade. We have delivered hundreds of well engineered systems that are still spraying foam today. Our spray foam rigs are designed by engineers and applicators with decades of experience. We have learned from these experiences and every floor plan is designed with job performance in mind. These rigs are available in a wide range of systems including trucks, trailers and modular components. Our design team also has custom solutions available ranging from Rail Trailers to Sea Containers and Van systems. Demilec USA is confident that we have developed the optimal layout and combination of equipment that provides you with the best tools to meet the demanding needs of the spray foam market. All B3M Series Spray Foam Rigs are available as a single or twin proportioner rig. Unlike most spray foam rig manufacturers, all of our single proportioner rigs can be upgraded with a second proportioner without the purchase of new generators, compressors or other cost prohibitive accessories.

B3M-055 Modular System

The B3M–055 Modular System is designed to address commercial insulation needs where a box truck or trailer may not fit. A full spray foam rig is mounted to two custom fabricated carts measuring less than 32” wide and 72” long. The first cart holds the proportioner, hose and transfer pumps. The second cart holds a 7.5 HP screw compressor, breathing panel with hose and hood, and an electrical panel with 50 SO shore cable. Various configurations are available, contact us to find out more.

B3M-100 Box Truck

Our B3M–100 Box Trucks are known as some of the best designed and built spray foam rigs in the industry. All box trucks are insulated with closed cell foam to provide additional structural support and temperature control. (FRP bodies require additional interior framing, service is available) The interior is finished with 3/4” plywood, paint and trim. We can customize your existing truck or we can offer a complete package using a new or used truck. We recommend a 22’ to 26’ box with a weight rating of at least 22,500 and no more than 25,900.

B3M-200 Trailer

Our tag along and gooseneck trailers are built to the highest standards by Cargo Craft in Corsicana, Texas and include virtually everything you need to get your business up and running, or to add to your existing business. The trailer frames are upgraded to 1.5” square 14 gauge tubing and 2” x 6” headers. The GVWR has been upgraded from 14,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs utilizing twin 8,000 lb axles. The tires are 14-ply F-rated, a full class above what is required for a 16,000 lb trailer. The generator compartment is separated from the rear of the trailer by a metal framed sound deadening wall. We stock complete 20’ tag along and 30’ gooseneck trailers, custom sizes are available by special order.