The Demilec Marketing Department has created a library of literature and other documents to advertise our spray foam products. This literature can be customized with an Authorized Contractor’s logo and contact information and printed at the contractor’s discretion. The customized literature is great for trade shows or for distributing from the home office. Our case studies and comparisons can help people that are unfamiliar with spray foam better understand the benefits. All of this literature is available on our website, in the Marketing section of the Technical Library.

Literature Credit Program

Demilec Authorized Contractors are issued 20 “Literature Credits” per calendar year, provided that their account is active and current (active: purchased spray foam chemicals in the past 6 months. current: no outstanding balance). The credits are issued on an annual basis, Every January 1′st all active and current accounts will receive 20 new literature credits. If an account becomes inactive for a 6 month period during the year, the credits will be placed on hold until the account becomes active again. Any credits remaining at the end of the year do not roll over into the following year. The items on the Literature Order Form are the only items eligible to receive through the Literature Credit Program.

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We provide our Authorized Contractors with full access to the Demilec family of logos such as SEALECTION 500, HEATLOK SOY 200 PLUS and DEMILEC APX. We also have an Authorized Contractor logo that can be used to let everyone know that they have received training from Demilec. All of these logos can be used on websites, business cards, trailer graphics and anywhere that our Authorized Contractors can benefit from them.

Business Cards                                                                                                  

Authorized Contractors can choose from one of our business card designs or we can design something from scratch. The graphic design work comes at no cost to our Authorized Contractors. We will send our contractor a copy of the art file once they have approved it, and they can take it to their local shop for printing.

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