In addition to our outstanding line of spray foam products, Demilec USA is proud to offer some of the highest levels of customer service and technical support in the industry. We have numerous programs designed to save you time and money, and to ensure that your business is successful.

Engineering Department

Our Engineering Department is well versed in many concepts associated with how buildings work including thermodynamics, and air and moisture movement. We specialize in the impact of spray foam insulation in all construction types, ranging from single family dwellings to large commercial buildings. Our guidance focuses on a standard systems design approach, recognizing that all of a building’s components will have an impact on each other and how the building performs. Furthermore, our Engineering Department is continuously researching and consulting with building professionals regarding efficient building practices and how to design and construct buildings that are more energy efficient, durable, healthier, and more economical than buildings of the past.

Lead Generation

Demilec USA takes an active role in generating business for our Authorized Contractors. We generate leads through our strong web presence, television and radio advertisements, and magazine and other print advertisements. We have also sponsored television shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Designing Spaces and This Old House. We attend over 50 industry trade shows every year, which generate large numbers of leads that we distribute amongst our contractor base. At Demilec USA, we realize that our success is dependent on our contractor’s success and we are constantly searching for new ways to help their business grow and profit.

Discount Rate Insurance

Demilec USA is thrilled to announce our partnership with a AAA best rated insurance agency to offer high quality, affordable insurance exclusively to Demilec USA Authorized Contractors. Since the start of the program, we have helped our contractors save thousands of dollars by switching to the InsurSeal program.

One contractor, Eric Comfort of Comfort Saver Foam Insulation, has seen his policy rate drop by $1000 for commercial auto, $300 for general liability and $500 for inland marine (rig and equipment). He was happy to discover that InsurSeal will provide builders with a Waiver of Subrogation at no additional cost, a service that his previous insurance charged $150 per waiver for. With such a positive reaction, we are extremely excited about the InsurSeal program and are eager to see just how much money our customers can save in the future. Here are some of the features that will make InsurSeal a hit with your company:

  • Reduced annual premiums
  • Replacement or rental rigs provided within 72 hours in the event of an accident
  • Covers nearly all aspects including general liability, property, rig and equipment, business auto, workers compensation, pollution and umbrella coverage in the event of a lawsuit
  • Custom tailored policies for YOUR spray foam business

This is one of the best insurance policies available for spray foam insulation contractors. If the savings alone aren’t enough to convince you, contact us to find out more about InsurSeal and how to become a Demilec USA Authorized Contractor.

Free Classified Ads

Demilec USA is pleased to offer a free classified ads page,, allowing our Authorized Contractors an opportunity to buy, sell or trade equipment, tools, rigs and other items related to the spray foam business. This site also allows our contractors to post employment opportunities within their company. Anyone may browse or purchase items listed in the classified ads, but you must be a Demilec USA Authorized Contractor in good standing to post items for sale or employment opportunities. Posting is free and listings will remain on the site for one month or until the item is sold. All items posted to the classifieds page must be approved by Demilec USA before they go live on the site.

Bee Complete Job Management Software

The Bee Complete “Lead, Bid, and Job Management Software” is a customizable web-based system offered to Demilec USA Authorized Contractors to help manage their spray foam insulation business. The system helps our contractors become more efficient and productive by automating the current process. Track leads, create bids and professional proposals, and auto generate detailed work orders.

  • Reduce your admin time and enter information only once
  • Track every lead to insure none are lost
  • Generate bids and professional proposals on the job site
  • Distribute proposals via e-mail or print on site
  • Produce an accurate, detailed work order for your crew
  • Manage your crews and resources from one location
  • Access your information anywhere with a computer and internet access
  • Access with a smart phone or tablet

Bee Complete is a user friendly tool that can make a significant impact on your business. Here is what other Demilec USA contractors are saying about Bee Complete…

“In our first year, estimating was done with pen and paper and then put into a word document proposal. Now that we are up and running with Bee Complete, we have cut our estimating time in half. It has streamlined our company and we look forward to having it make the company function even better. Bee Complete is a user friendly program and I recommend it to all contractors that are not using it.” Demilec USA contractor in New York

“We have been using Bee Complete since May of 2009 and find it to be a fantastic program. Our experience with the Bee Complete team has been awesome. The Bee Complete program offers all we need, and then some, for running a successful insulation company. It is easy to use, professional, organized, accurate, and it saves us valuable time and money. Demilec USA has really gone the extra distance to support their contractors by providing this program, thank you!  I would recommend this program for any contractor.” Demilec USA contractor in Oregon

“What a difference Bee Complete is making already. We have been using the program for over a year and have seen hours of time saved in our day to day activities. I feel like my entire staff’s business IQ just jumped 50%. I can’t thank the Bee Complete team enough for their hard work. I want to compliment Demilec USA for bringing together such a useful tool to help me grow my business. Great Job Bee Complete!” Demilec USA contractor in the southeast

To learn more about Bee Complete, please contact JobPro Technology at 704-584-4015 or