Training Course – SPFA PCP Preparatory Seminar

Demilec USA offers an exam preparatory seminar to assist contractors and installers to certify under the SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP). Our goal is to help prepare the attendees to take the SPFA examinations for the various levels of installer (applicator) certification, plus we offer a day of business tips and hands-on training including spray technique, troubleshooting and equipment maintenance. On the final day of our training, we’ll provide all students the opportunity to take the exams for any of the SPFA certifications.

The prerequisite for SPFA’s Professional Certification Program is the CPI Health and Safety Training – High Pressure, which can be completed online at We ask all attendees of Demilec USA’s training seminars to take this valuable training, pass the test and have a current certification number prior to coming to class. Demilec USA will teach the class assuming you have completed the CPI Health and Safety Training and have reviewed the SPFA PCP’s Assistant level material, which will be sent to you electronically after we have received your registration.

In order for the attendee to work with us in the hands-on spray foam lab he or she must bring or buy from our parts department an Air Purifying Respirator (APR). We have one Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) available for those with facial hair precluding the proper fit of an APR, but it must be shared between all who want to use it so your time in the lab might be limited.

Day 1 – Business Tips for Profit and Growth

The first day is dedicated to the business owner or general manager and will cover the basic tenets of operating a spray foam business. We’ll offer guidance on estimating, finding the right price, selecting the appropriate market segment, tips on marketing and sales as well as ideas from successful contractors for getting their crews out in the morning and pulling the trigger for eight hours every day.

Days 2 & 3 – SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminar

As people register for our examination prep session we’ll send them the SPFA PCP Assistant, Installer and Master Installer study guides in addition to the CPI Guidance on Best Practices for the Installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam. We’ll ask the attendees to study these documents and consult their local Territory Manager (TM) or Technical Service Rep (TSR) with any questions they have regarding the content. Our presenters will assume the attendees already have a good understanding of the SPFA PCP Assistant Level material and we’ll cover the more advanced SPFA PCP Installer and Master Installer Level material in the seminar. The attendees will receive the Installer and Master Installer slide handouts at class and we’ll review these materials during the day and encourage study in the evening to prepare for the certification exams.

Day 3 – Hands On Training

This will likely be the favorite part of the day for most applicators as we put the theory we studied in the classroom into action. We’ll spray foam in our lab, offering guidance for both ocSPF and ccSPF techniques. We’ll also present guidance for troubleshooting Graco® equipment, including guns, drum pumps, hose heat and error codes. We’ll give a basic demonstration on use of a VOM with some practice on hose heat fault scenarios. At the end of the day we’ll gather to review and offer guidance for those taking the certification exams on Day 4.

Day 4 – SPFA Certification Exams

All SPFA Professional Certification Program written exams will be available on a reservation basis. In accordance with the SPFA Professional Certification Program policy, all who take the exams must first be registered into the program, have CPI Health and Safety certification and must take the exam required for a given level and all lower level exams. Passing the Assistant level exam is required for all advanced certifications and is generally taken first. The Installer level requires passing the Assistant level exam, and Master Installer requires passing the Installer level exam, plus a field exam that is not presently offered at our factory, but will be in the future. Both Installer and Master Installer certifications also require first aid, CPR and OSHA training similar to that required for workers on many commercial jobsites. The Project Manager level requires the applicant to have passed all of the other three certification exams but does not require the field exam for the Master Installer level.

Each test is about 100 questions with a two hour time limit. A person could make a reservation to take one, two, three or all four of the written exams on Day 4, but all exams must be taken on the same day in order to get the discount from SPFA for multiple exams.

The attendee will register for the SPFA Professional Certification Program on the SPFA website and pay exam fees directly to SPFA accordingly. A detailed description of the SPFA Certification Program is online at In order to certify as an SPFA PCP Master Installer or Project Manager, the applicant must submit a form describing their spray foam experience and pass a field evaluation. This Experience Declaration Form does not have to be submitted prior to taking the written exams; however, it must be submitted along with all other requirements before a certification will be issued. Please go to the SPFA PCP website and download the Insulation Handbook for more information on the criteria for each level of certification.

Fees to SPFA

See the SPFA PCP website at

Fees to Demilec USA

Demilec USA charges include handouts, training materials, supplies and lunch each day. These fees are paid to Demilec USA and are separate from the SPFA fees.

Day One $200
Day Two $150
Day Three $150
Day Four $0

Signing Up

To enroll in our SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminar, please complete and follow the instructions on the application below. We will contact you with a confirmation letter and everything you may need for class.

SPFA PCP Preparatory Seminar Application

General Information

Travel accommodations are not included in training registration. Seats are limited. Payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of class. Confirmation will be sent within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Please direct questions or comments to our training department at (817) 640-4900.

Cancellations / Substitutions

No-shows will not be refunded. Please advise our training department at (817) 640-4900 of any training cancellations and/or substitutions as soon as possible. Please arrange cancellations/substitutions of hotel reservations directly through the hotel.

Travel Accommodations


Demilec USA has negotiated a rate of $92 per night for King Suites and $99 per night for Double Bed King Suites (breakfast buffet included) with the Crowne Plaza Suites Hotel, which is conveniently located just nine miles from DFW Airport and minutes from our offices. Please mention Demilec USA when you call the Crowne Plaza to check availability and to make your reservations. The Crowne Plaza has an airport shuttle to pick you up and take you to the airport and to our factory for class each day. You should not need to rent a car unless you have other things you’d like to do while in Arlington, Texas.

Crowne Plaza Suites Hotel
700 Avenue H East
Arlington, Texas 76011
Phone: (817) 394-5000


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