Regional Training

Demilec USA offers an exam preparatory seminar to assist contractors and installers to certify under the SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP). Our goal is to help prepare the attendees to take the SPFA examinations for the various levels of installer (applicator) certification, plus we offer a day of business tips if there’s sufficient interest in the region. In addition to this classroom training, a Technical Service Representative will visit your jobsite a few weeks after class and conduct further hands-on training including spray technique, troubleshooting and equipment maintenance.

The prerequisite for SPFA’s Professional Certification Program is the CPI Health and Safety Training – High Pressure, which can be completed online at We ask all attendees of Demilec USA’s training seminars to take this valuable training, pass the test and have a current certification number prior to coming to class. Demilec USA will teach the class assuming you have completed the CPI Health and Safety Training and have reviewed the SPFA PCP’s Assistant and Installer level material, which will be sent to you electronically after we have received your registration.

Days 1 & 2 – SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminar

As people register for our examination prep session we’ll send them the SPFA PCP Assistant and Installer study guides in addition to the CPI Guidance on Best Practices for the Installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam. We’ll ask the attendees to study these documents and consult their local Territory Manager (TM) or Technical Service Rep (TSR) with any questions they have regarding the content. Our presenters will assume the attendees already have a good understanding of the SPFA PCP Assistant and Installer level material so we won’t cover every topic in those sections, rather we’ll highlight certain sections and field all questions you have about the study guides we don’t cover in class.

Day 1 is a review of the Assistant level SPFA curriculum, and following the presentations, we’ll offer the Assistant level exam, allowing two hours for completion. Many people who have taken multiple SPFA exams tell us this was the hardest so we encourage you to have read and understand the study guide before class.

Day 2 is a review of the Installer level SPFA curriculum, and following the presentations, we’ll offer the Installer level exam, allowing two hours for completion. On Day 2 we also talk about Demilec USA products, including spray foam systems and Blazelok fire coatings, and we’ll share valuable resources for you to take back to your spray foam operation.

Hands On Training

After class our Technical Services Representatives (TSR) will contact each attendee for an appointment to come to a jobsite and work with you in the field for a day. The TSR’s are extremely knowledgeable and will share tips and tricks to enhance safety, productivity, quality and yield. They’ll work from a checklist of SPFA PCP Learning Objectives and explain and demonstrate procedures and techniques specific to Demilec USA spray foam systems. The TSR will also review rig maintenance, troubleshooting and will address any question the field crew might have regarding SPF.

Optional Day – Business Tips for Profit & Growth

One of the most popular days at our Demilec USA factory training is dedicated to the business owner or general manager and covers the basic tenets of operating a spray foam business. We offer guidance on estimating, finding the right price, selecting the appropriate market segment, and tips on marketing and sales as well as ideas from successful contractors for getting their crews out in the morning and pulling the trigger for eight hours every day.

If this kind of training is interesting to your company please tell your Territory Manager, and if there is sufficient regional interest we’ll add this day before or after the SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminar.

SPFA Certification Exams

All SPFA Professional Certification Program written exams are available on a reservation basis. In accordance with the SPFA Professional Certification Program policy, all who take the exams must first be registered into the program, have CPI Health and Safety certification and must take the exam required for a given level and all lower level exams.

Each test is about 100 questions with a two hour time limit. We’ll offer the Assistant level exam to all attendees on Day 1 and the Installer level exam on Day 2.

We can accommodate others who want to take different SPFA exams during the two hour test period at the end of each day. Exams other than Assistant and Installer level must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

The attendee will register for the SPFA Professional Certification Program on the SPFA website and pay exam fees directly to SPFA accordingly. A detailed description of the SPFA Certification Program is online at

General Information

Contact your Demilec USA Territory Manager for further information about the Regional SPFA Certification Preparatory Seminars or Business Tips for Profit and Growth or call our training department at (817) 640-4900.

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