Therma-Lok Foam

Posted by: demilec

I am a current DEMILEC (USA) Authorized Contractor. Our company is Therma-lok Foam. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at DEMILEC for the outstanding service you have provided for us over the last few years. All departments I have dealt with have been knowledgeable and helpful. The process of bidding and completing foam jobs is very labor intensive and stressful. Using your company for supply and support may not make our jobs any easier “physically”, but it most certainly delivers peace of mind by providing quality service, knowledgeable staff and fast response.

Our representative is Shana Durkee. I first spoke with Shana about three years ago when researchign foam rigs and schools. We attended your school and now here we are. Shana has done an outstanding job for us and answers questions and emails almost instantly. I recently had a question this past memorial day and was up early on ssaturday morning checkign emails and bids. I sent her an email and even on a holiday weekend, she responded. Shana and Mac Sheldon worked together to fix a small glitch with our account and did it on a holiday weekend!!??….I was impressed, real impressed. As a business owner I think it is very important to show appreciation for employees who go above and beyond in their daily routines. I am a firm believer that a boss runs the company, but his employees “turn the wheels of the machine”. The business machine you have created is well oiled, running smooth and you are lucky to have a quality group of employees. Thank you DEMILEC, have a nice day and keep doing what you do.

Kyle Patterson
Therma-Lok Foam
Caddo Mills, Texas