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Posted by: demilec

June 8, 2006

RE: One Year Anniversary

It has been just over a year since I became a DEMILEC (USA) Authorized Contractor and about two years since we first met at the contractors show in Las Vegas. As a general contractor building “Healthy Buildings: with steel stud materials, I was there lookingfor in insulation product that would work well with steel studs. We had tried about everything and continued to be unsatisfied. The other products did not attach to the steel and we always had gaps and sagging. On my first visit to your booth I thought the product was ok but doubted it worked as well as described. I went on to other booths and just kept thinkgin about your product. Two hours later I was back in  your booth with new thoughts and questions. When I left the second time, I took all of the material back to my hotel room and really studied it. The next morning I made my third trip to your booth to discuss the possibility of becoming an Authorized Contractor for DEMILEC.

Two years later I have been a DEMILEC Authorized Contractor  for just over a year. I have installed the product in high ened homes, both wood and steel framed. I have installed in the attics of ICF houses and a large number of town homes. I never cease to be amazed at the response I receive from the generals, other trades and customers. The generals are immediately ready to sign me up for their next project and brag about the product to all of their contractor friends. The other trades want to see how it works and then want to know if I can do their houses. The customers invite their friends over to see the wonderful insulation and always want business cards to give to friens. The result of all this enthusiasm over SEALECTION 500is a large number of referrals, some from people wo arent’ even building a house but saw the product at a friend’s house and know someone who is building a home.

Working with DEMILEC has been a pleasure. All of the employees have gone out of their way to help me be successful. I appreciate their interest and dedication to my success.

George A Chittenden
Blue Marble Solutions