Cooler Garage

Posted by: demilec

We live in a two story home that was built in 1946. After remodeling it and moving in two years ago, we became aware of how hot our detached garage gets when the weather warms up.

We were given the name of Barker River Valley Foam, Inc from a friend who is in the construction business. We called up Barker River Valley Foam and they returned our call promptly and made an appointment to visit with us about the benefits of DEMILEC spray foam insulation.

Our meeting with Barker River Valley Foam was very informative – we were given brochures about the products used and they covered the information with us. The were very courteous and professional. The example given to us was what the foam does when it is used in an attic (or in our case a garage) is similar to a foam cup or cooler. It keeps the heat outside and the cool inside. We were given a detailed summary of the proposed cost of the project. We were also interested in putting the foam in the attic of our home sometime in the future. They wrote up a proposal for that job also. The prices were very competitive.

We are so happy with the results – our garage has stayed very comfortable even during the extra warm days that we have had that are up in the upper ’90′s. We are very pleased with the job Barker River Valley Foam did with our garage and how they explained what they were doing and why. We are definitely going to have the attic in our house done – we are sure this will lower our heating and cooling bills. We told the friend who gave us Barker River Valley Foam’s contact information to keep recommending DEMILEC spray foam to other customers!!

Bennie & Landy Westphal