Hurricane Katrina Re-build

Posted by: demilec

We have been remiss in taking so long to properly express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and kindness int he aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As you know, our homes were uninhabitable due to flood waters and contamination. During the long rebuilding phase dependable resources were difficult to find and funds were tight.

Thanks to the spray foam insulation you donated, and the equipment and time donated by two of your Louisiana contractors (Paul LaGrange and Brad McManus); our homes are even better than they were before the hurricane. The temperature in our homes remains constant and comfortable, in spite of the external weather conditions. Our electric bills have dropped drastically, compared to the costs prior to installing spray foam insulation. For example one of our homes is 3,400 sq. ft. and the average electric bill is less than $100 monthly. When we had fiberglass insulation in the home, the average electric bill was $300 per month. As an added and unexpected benefit, our homes are virtually dust-free.

We are extremely impressed with the exceptional performance of your product and would highly recommend it to anyone considering utilizing spray foam in their home. Please feel free to pass our names and numbers on to others who may be questioning the performance of spray foam or considering utilizing it in their homes.

Again, we want to offer our deepest and most sincere thanks for your contribution to the reconstruction of our homes and for your generosity. We appreciate your giving spirit and value your desire and willingness to help others in their time of need.

Ruth O.
Slidell, Louisiana