The Town of Flower Mound Texas

Posted by: demilec

Please allow me to personally thank you for allowing the Town of Flower Mound to visit your facility in Arlington, Building Inspections is constantly trying to improve our knowledge of products and methods of construction. We arrived at your facility with many questions of foam insulation products and left with much improved understanding. I felt that the visit was very informative and quite valuable. We were provided information by your company in an honest and hospitable manner. I found it quite refreshing that you and the other executives at DEMILEC actually took the time to sit down with us on a personal level. We did not feel that the information provided was done so in an effort to sell us on you product but in a manner that simply offered pertinent data and allowed us to better understand its applications.

We felt the visit to be so valuable that we determined that other departments of the Town of Flower Mound would greatly benefit witnessing a similar presentation. The Town of Flower Mound Fire Department and or Plans Examination Department are looking forward to your company visiting our Town in the near future.

Thank you once again.

Jay Parr
Senior Inspector
Flower Mound, Texas